I love teaching

Jessica Evans PMP, project manager with thank you slide at end of training
there is a 100% chance of cat gifs in the presentation deck

I’ve always loved teaching, and project management changed the way I see and do business. Teaching project management combines two of my passions and I’m excited to do more of it. This isn’t a boiler plate regurgitated presentation that I could recite with my eyes closed. I work directly with your team to understand their current capabilities and identify opportunities where we can step up their skills without overwhelming them. The workshop / presentation will be interactive and customized to the team’s needs.

I call it “Project Management as an Attitude” (PMaaA). Ensuring a project’s success isn’t just the responsibility of the Project Manager, if that’s even a formal role on the team. Everyone on the project team can contribute towards the project’s success when they understand the methodologies and tools to do so.

I’d love to hear from you – please reach out to see what sort of training I could provide your team. Training can be a stand alone engagement, or we can package it with other services. Teaching helps me to keep my skills sharp and up to date and I find it’s truly rewarding.