I am your big-picture thinker, savvy project manager, magic wand-waver and loyal advocate. I’m here to keep you on track, task and time. Work with me.


Big projects require proven skills. I’m the expert you can trust.

Sometimes a project’s scope and day-to-day demands call for an embedded expert. I bring my extensive project management experience straight to you. From liaising with your clients to guiding a project to delivery, I take care of all those crucial details so you don’t have to.
What I do:

  • Project Management
  • Talent and team aquisition
  • Stakeholder management and reporting
  • Agile, Service Design or traditional – whatever approach suits your business


Take the guesswork out of your proposal.

Are you ready to create a successful proposal that accurately reflects time, resources and budget? Now you can. Your next contract is closer than you think.
What I do:

  • Objectively review the processes and key documents of the project
  • Provide recommendations on how to best improve the flow of your project, without increasing your budget
  • Identify and repair inefficiencies


Save time, gain business. I’ll show you how.

With so many variables—from people to planning to production—even the best teams find it difficult to keep a project on track.
Whether you’re just starting a new project or already in the thick of it, I work with you to discuss your project needs, diagnose potential problems, and pinpoint the strategies and tools to help solve them.
What I do:

  • Establish and define processes
  • Keep you and your team on task, motivated and productive
  • Ensure your project runs smoothly
  • Prepare you for successful project completion


Have you taken two steps back? It’s time to take a giant leap forward.

Projects have been known to take a wrong turn. I pinpoint the problems and prioritize the solutions to help get your project back on track.
What I do:

  • Outline project deliverables, milestones and budget
  • Ensure the processes and people are in place to implement the project
  • Make a rock-solid case for your company’s capabilities and the resources required