The return to freelancing

It’s with mixed emotion that I announce my departure from OXD (formerly OpenRoad Communications), where I had the privilege to be on their leadership team as Director, Client Services for almost five years.

I’m very proud of our work together—formalizing the PM team structure and professional services team operational process, and being involved in all aspects of the business from sales opportunities and pitches, through staffing for execution, and measuring revenue and reporting results of closed projects.

This was a challenging decision that I didn’t take lightly and took months to finalize. However, I can state with 100% confidence that now is the right time. The team is in good shape and the structure is in place to continue to support them without needing me personally at the helm.

It’s a huge leap to leave a stable, familiar, full-time job to leap into the unknown. I’m confident that my existing network will lead me to opportunities so I can experience and realize the sense of accomplishment with many clients.

So here I am! Happy to work with you on Project Management coaching, project management for hire, and/or operational consulting. I’m excited for the opportunities that this change affords me.

Get in touch! 🙂