Our values

Venn diagram of Integrity, Love and Efficiency

Our approach is to partner with our clients. When we partner together, we’ll be on the same team. So what’s it like to do business with Jocosity? We sum it up in three values, designed to work in conjunction with each other. Together we can act with integrity, ensure efficiency and move with love. This way, we’ll produce results we can both be proud of.

Rocket ship with astronaut waving


Honesty and transparency are the framework of our ship. Integrity means we’ll always act in your best interests. The approach we recommend will be custom tailored for your needs. 

We take deep pride in our work and won’t compromise quality – in this you can be confident!

The thrusters on the rocket ship


The thrusters of the ship are our commitment to efficiency. Your time is precious; we take care to communicate with clarity. This value drives our process design work where we ensure your team is operating smoothly.

Our meetings are well organized. No time is wasted.

Hug emoji astronaut with heart on chest


The ship is piloted by love – the root of compassion and respect. We care about our clients, and about the work we do. It’s with a deep respect for you and your team that we seek to understand and empathize with the challenges you face. Let’s be grateful for the time we spend together.

There is passion in everything we do.

How do our values keep us in balance?

Integrity needs Love

Integrity without love shows up when we march boldly forward – alone. We don’t care enough to check in with the team to see how they’re doing. We forget to empathize. We can jump straight to the point without crafting our message to consider the feelings of our audience. Without the team, we’re sure to crash.

Efficiency needs Integrity

Efficiency without integrity compromises quality in the interest of getting things done as fast as possible. Pew! Pew! We’re just crossing things off the list, rather than producing quality work and ensuring buy-in along the way. It’s like – we’re going somewhere fast but is it the right direction?

Love needs Efficiency

Love without efficiency softens us to a halt – we’re marinating in the feels without being able to see through to the other side. Love, when not tempered, can lead to being so swept up in the team’s experience that it’s difficult to problem solve or lead them.
It’s as if we’re floating in our feelings…

Act with integrity, ensure efficiency and move with love.