Go 4 Gold | Coca-Cola UK

Client: Storyworks and ATG
Role: Program Coordinator

In 2011, Storyworks and ATG formed a partnership to produce a web-based game for Coca-Cola—designed to engage company leaders as they practice new leadership principles.

For this time-sensitive project, Storyworks brought me in as vendor-side representation. As program coordinator, I worked directly with Coca-Cola, managing communications and expectations for a global virtual team across eight time zones.

I led the vendor selection process to outsource development, coordinated upwards of five partners to launch the game within a secure cloud environment, and worked closely with Coca-Cola’s IT department to lead product implementation. Go 4 Gold launched successfully to acclaim from Coca-Cola—and a 15% increase in engagement.

Client: Backblend Systems
Role: Project Coach and Client Manager tasked Backblend with the development of a kid-friendly mobile video streaming platform. But with fewer than 10 employees, Backblend’s talented people needed to be able to concentrate on what they do best. That’s why they turned to me. I first provided project coaching and then liaised with the client as the team worked towards launch.

Absolute Combustion International

Client:  Absolute Combustion International
Role:  Project Manager

Alberta-based Absolute Combustion International makes high-efficiency, low-emission burner systems for the oil and gas industry. They brought me in for a proposal review and successful grant application. Now I manage the budget for an ongoing project.

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