I am your big-picture thinker, savvy project manager, magic wand-waver and loyal advocate. I’m here to keep you on track, task and time. Work with me.


Save time, gain business. I’ll show you how.

With so many variables—from people to planning to production—even the best teams find it difficult to keep projects on track.
Whether you’re just starting a new project or have a diverse client portfolio, I’ll work with you to establish your team and project needs, diagnose potential problems, and pinpoint the strategies and tools to help solve them.
What I do:

  • Establish a prioritized project portfolio to ensure the top priority projects are getting the attention they need
  • Define and improve project, account and client management processes
  • Lead by example to keep you and your team on task, motivated, and productive
  • Provide ad-hoc support to ensure the team keeps projects run smoothly


Because everyone can be a better Project Manager.

Learning the practice of Project Management changed the way I see business. I’ve always loved to teach and I’m a passionate PM Geek, so this combines two of my loves. I’ll work with your team and design a customized course or workshop to step them forward in their project management know-how and capability.
What I do:

  • Sit with each team member one on one to understand their day to day role and commitments
  • Survey the team to obtain honest input on pain points
  • Develop a customized training program or workshop and deliver in small or large groups
  • Continue to be available to your team as a coach


Big projects require proven skills. Trust the expert.

Sometimes a project’s scope and day-to-day demands call for an embedded expert. We bring extensive project management experience straight to you. I, or one of my associates will represent you to your client and guide the project to delivery. Get us to do it so you don’t have to.
What we do:

  • Join your team as an embedded Senior Project Manager
  • Repair “problem projects” and get them back on track
  • Provide stakeholder management and regular reporting
  • Agile, Service Design or traditional – whatever approach suits your business


Set your projects up for success before they start.

Winning a new project is only half the fun! The format of the contract lays the ground work for successful execution. Are you ready to include realistic, proven timelines and deliverables from the start? Now you can. Your next contract is closer than you think.
What we do:

  • Objectively review your contract format and client onboarding process
  • Provide recommendations to improve the flow of your sales process without rendering your services unaffordable to clients
  • Identify and work with you to repair inefficiencies